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pH PlusTM

an acid neutralizer, dietary electrolyte supplement.

  • Provides Appropriate Amounts of Electrolytes and along with MSM will aide in Acid Reduction for Better Health
  • Aids in the Elimination of Toxins in the Body
  • pH PlusTM Moves Water Intracellular, Intercellular & Extracellular
  • Increases Body Fluids and Natural Sulfur Inside the Cells
  • Reduces Stomach Upset from Ingesting Acidic Food & Beverages
  • More Advantages than Popular Sports Drinks & Does Not Contain Sugars, Calories, or Additives
  • Convenient Concentrate – Easy to Use, Easy to Carry
  • Promotes Better Health When Used Regularly
  • Eases Lactic Acid Reaction That May Cause Muscle Cramping Due to Physical Exertion

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